A downloadable game for Windows

A student project in development

Axel's Journey is a 2.5D puzzle platformer game about survival, genetic experimentation and axolotls! Play as Ashley, a small but determined axolotl mutant who aspires to be an evil mad scientist (despite being bad at it).

Use your ingenuity to explore this dangerous island full of other mutants who are much bigger than you


  • Right/Left arrows - Walk and swing rope
  • SPACE - Jump
  • Z - Interact
  • X - Shoot hook (after unlocked)
  • ESC - Pause

Install instructions

1- Select your lenguage (PTBR or EN)

2- Download the corresponding .zip file

3- Extract .zip file

4- Open zipped folder

5- Run 'AxelsJourney.exe'


AxelsJourney1.5_EN.zip 59 MB
AxelsJourney1.5_PTBR.zip 59 MB


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I had a lot of fun playing this :D Adorable, to say the least. Ashley is such a unique character~ Hope there's a continuation, I'd love to play more ^^


Super fun and enjoyable, really cute design too! 


Muito legal! Vai ter mais fases? Queria usar mais o gancho.


Amazin water shader! Cool! Luv the combination nature + science! Fun to play n chill!! Collecting bolts n nutz all nite long! gg <3


This is such an adorable and amazing little game. I've played it through a few times and enjoy every time I do. I highly recommend downloading.